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Tooth Extraction Services in Westminster, South Carolina

female patient having dental exam

Dental extractions are sometimes necessary in adulthood, and in most cases, dental extractions are recommended when your tooth or teeth are damaged from injury or infection and restorative treatment is no longer an option to save your tooth or teeth.  Additionally, extracting infected teeth prevents the spread of infection to other teeth and allows the gum tissue to heal. In other cases, not related to infection or trauma, teeth may need to be extracted.  Wisdom teeth are often extracted to prevent overcrowding, pain upon eruption and movement of the other teeth.  

Why Do You Need A Dental Extraction?

There are many reasons why a tooth extraction becomes necessary:

  • Deep decay (cavities)

  • Damaged, broken or cracked tooth

  • Serious injury to the face and mouth

  • Severe gum disease  

  • Overcrowding

  • Painful wisdom tooth eruption


Why do I need a Dental Extraction if my Tooth is Infected? 

Broken, decaying or damaged teeth can extend into the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth and cause infection. Furthermore, the bacteria from the decaying tooth can build up and transfer to other teeth in the mouth. Extracting infected teeth, if they are beyond repair, is the best option to eliminate pain, bad odor, infected gums, and prevent further spread of the infection.  Leaving infected teeth in the mouth will likely result in worsening conditions.  


Types of Extraction

At SC Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, Dr. James Hicks, performs two types of dental extractions – simple and surgical.


A simple dental extraction is when the tooth or teeth are easily accessible and simple extraction instruments are used. Dr. Beemer will numb your mouth so you are comfortable during the procedure.  


A surgical extraction is performed when the tooth is not easily accessible, may be broken down to the gum line or partially impacted under tissue and part of the bone.  A surgical extraction is slightly more involved, however your mouth will be numb so you will feel little to no discomfort during the procedure.


At SC Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry maintaining the health of our patient's teeth is our tip priority.  Dr. James Hicks will only recommend a tooth extraction if all other dental options will not work.  We want our patients to keep their teeth!

Tips So You Can Heal Without Complications

  1. Don’t smoke, the inhaling required to smoke could disrupt the healing tissue and cause the socket to dry.

  2. Don’t drink through a straw. Similarly to smoking, drinking through a straw causes suction that can disrupt the healing tissue.

  3. When cleaning your teeth it is best to not brush the gums where the tooth was extracted. It is recommended to rinse your mouth with water to remove any food that may be in the area. But do not spit the water out. You need to lean into the sink and let the water flow out.  Spitting also creates a suction, like smoking and drinking through a straw.   

  4. Eat soft foods and avoid hard or chewy foods. Softer foods will be easier to eat such as smoothies, yogurt and soup.

  5. Take an anti-inflammatory over the counter medication before the anesthetic wears off. This can reduce both pain and swelling, which is common after dental extractions.

SC Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry offers affordable dental extractions to ensure that patients receive the highest quality of care at a price they can afford.  Located in Westminster, South Carolina, our experienced team serves patients in Seneca, Clemson, Walhalla, Fair Play, Hartwell, GA, and surrounding communities in South Carolina and Georgia.  

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