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Did you know that more than 35 million Americans have lost a significant amount of their teeth on either the upper or lower arch?

For patients who need to have an entire dental arch of teeth replaced, SC Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry offers All-On-4 Implants, a restorative treatment option that replaces a complete arch of teeth.

All-On-4 implants also referred to as “teeth in a day” are a permanent solution to replacing your lost teeth. The All-On-4 system consists of dental implants and a custom-made dental orthotic that will attach to the implants. The dental implants are permanently anchored into the jawbone, acting as roots just like your teeth once did. Then, a custom made orthotic that looks similar to a denture is fashioned to attach to the dental implants, yet has the look of individual teeth.

What to expect from an All-On-4 procedure

At SC Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, we can install the All-On-4 Implants to replace a dental arch of teeth in just one day. First, a member of our staff will take digital images of your mouth and jawbone, which will be used to form a treatment plan. Then, four implants will be placed at strategic locations in the mouth to support the tooth replacements.

Our staff will attach temporary replacement teeth that you will wear while the lab handcrafts your permanent prosthetic. This process usually takes just one day. Then, you return to our office and we will complete the procedure by installing the permanent replacement teeth that will look beautiful and natural.

Healing from the installation of the implants usually takes three months. During the first six to eight weeks of your recuperation, we recommend maintaining a diet of soft foods.

Make the right choice

If you are living with an entire lost arch of teeth, protect your oral health and restore your quality of life by having an All-On-4 Implant system installed. Contact our office at (864) 647-9000 to schedule a consultation.

SC Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry provides total oral health care to patients living in the areas of Oconee County, Clemson, & Seneca SC.

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