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At SC Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, we utilize digital x-ray technology to provide the finest oral health care to our patients. Our digital x-rays are commonly used for preventive care, diagnostics, as well as treatment planning.


Advantages of digital X-rays

A digital x-ray machine produces images that are clearer and more precise. This improved clarity reduces how many x-rays each patient must have, which not only reduces the amount of radiation exposure for patients but also improves the efficiency of our office, allowing us to treat you quicker and have you on your way.

Digital x-ray sensors also produce far less radiation than conventional x-ray technology. In fact, digital x-rays reduce radiation exposure by approximately five-fold compared to traditional x-ray machines.

SC Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry takes four types of digital X-rays:

  • A cephalometric (CRPH) x-ray takes an image of one entire side of the teeth. This is typically used in orthodontics as it shows the teeth, jawbone, and soft tissues, allowing us to devise a comprehensive treatment plan.
  • A panoramic (PAN) x-ray detects any abnormalities in young people as their teeth, jaws, sinuses, and jaw joints develop. A panoramic X-ray also is taken after any facial injury to detect damage. Because no bitewing or film is inserted into the patient’s mouth, a panoramic X-ray is ideal for patients with small mouths or strong gag reflexes.
  • A bitewing (BWX) x-ray provides an image of areas between teeth that are impossible to observe using the naked eye and will depict any possible areas of tooth decay before the cavity becomes a bigger issue.
  • A periapical (PA) x-ray provides a detailed view of the entire structure of up to three teeth next to one another in the mouth—the crown of the tooth, its roots, and supporting bone structure. Periapical x-rays are highly valuable for pediatric patients because they show both the baby teeth and developing permanent teeth before their eruption in the mouth.

Digital x-ray technology is just one of the cutting-edge tools and techniques used at SC Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry. To learn more about how we use technology to provide optimum care, call our office at (864) 647-9000 to schedule a consultation.

SC Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry is proud to serve patients living in the areas of Oconee County, Clemson, & Seneca SC.

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