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A beautiful smile can change your life. You are more likely to smile and have more self-confidence, which carries over to social situations.



Thanks to advances in dental technology, nearly anyone can have the white, bright smile they desire. At SC Cosmetic Implant Dentistry, we are pleased to offer professional-grade teeth whitening treatments that produce the best results available on the market, with results that last.

Why choose a professional teeth whitening treatment?

You may have seen some of the whitening procedures available for purchase over the counter. There certainly are a lot of them available. However, a professional whitening treatment administered by a qualified cosmetic dentist has several significant advances.

  • Results last longer – Many over-the-counter whitening treatments work for a short period, which means they must be used with greater frequency. Professional teeth whitening results lasts longer.
  • Less sensitivity – Whitening products available over-the-counter are known for causing increased sensitivity, especially for repeat treatments. Professional whitening procedures do not cause this pain since it can be curtailed to meet your smile needs.

Whitening treatments available

SC Cosmetic Implant Dentistry offers the following procedures to give you whiter, brighter teeth:

  • In-office treatments are applied in our office during a single visit.
  • At-home treatments are obtained through our office and then administered by the patient. These provide the
  • convenience of over-the-counter whitening procedures but are of professional-grade quality and prescription strength concentration.
  • Pre-filled trays are another option and are ideal for patients with busy schedules. These pre-filled disposable trays are used to administer professional-grade whitening gel and can achieve dramatic results in as little as 30 minutes per day.

Cosmetic dentistry is an investment. Protect the investment in your smile by drinking plenty of water, while avoiding regular consumption of substances like wine, coffee, tea, and tobacco that can stain your teeth.

Get the white, bright smile you deserve. Call our office at (864) 647-9000 to schedule a consultation.

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